Where are we


Many Hospitals initially in Spain, guarantee the success of the Crioges project, which opens to the rest of the world to offer its international invention patent that support the success of the project. With more than 200 hospitals in Spain that support the , successful implementation of the CRIOGES system and services, the company is now poised to develop its international invention patent on a broader scale.

CRIOGES has presence in different countries, and we continue our expansion.

With the support of CRIOGES Spain and its experience after more than 10 years of success, in the year 2018 we started a process of international expansion.

Currently we have local partners in Portugal, Italy, UK, Qatar, and we continue working to expand these markets and looking for new markets.

Interested  in Joining  the CRIOGES qualified network?

Send us an e-mail to international@crioges.com and ask for the information you need to become our partner in your country.

A solid and contrasted business is is an available opportunity together with  an international invention patent will allow you to grow in your market quickly and without competition.

One of the main reasons for joining our firm is that we provide you with all the knowledge of our patent and offer you commercial support so that you can penetrate the health market in your country.

Hospitals, Laboratories, Health Centres, Veterinary Clinics, Beauty Clinics…, a wide range of brands for you to grow solidly.

CRIOGES business keys

– Successful experience in Spain with more than 200 health centres implemented.

– Real and patented response to a health need (demonstrable reduction of environmental VOCs)

– Effective business model, even in times of crisis

– An ambitious international development plan that opens up new markets.

– Solid training plan with support in the first hospital designs.

– International Invention Patent to minimize risks.

– In CRIOGES, we base our relationships on the absolute confidence in the professionalism and the good work of the business partner.